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If someday you read this, my life will be complete.

Well, let’s start. I know you don’t even know me, but I hope you know that I love you with all my heart, ok? And you probably listen to it every day. I’m sure you also listen that you’re beautiful, and phenomeniall, and I’ll this stuff. I’m just another girl saying it, but anyway. Honestly, I think you shouldn’t care when people send hate on you, or when they say all those creepy stuff. You’re amazing, and you should know it. When I’m sad, I just listen to your solos, the songs you wrote, and then I smile. It just makes me happy. And when I see you down, I just wanna be by your side and tell you how much you worth it. Tell you how much your smile is pretty, try to make you smile. And when you laugh, omg, when you laugh, everything just makes sense. How many times didn’t I watch the video diaries just to hear your laugh? And your look… Those gorgeous eyes that reminds me heaven… The way you walk, how you smile, every single stupid joke, the way you just put your feelings on your songs, how you play the guitar… Every single thing about you is perfect. And I want you to know, that I honestly believe, that 1D would be nothing without you. And maybe I’m just another girl to say it, but I’d give everything to wake up every single morning by your side, see your smile early in the morning, feel your hands on mine while we talk on bed. Everything. I’d love to  be your princess, and be the luckiest girl in the world. I’d love to see your smile every single time you looked at me, I’d love to hear you calling me “my girl”, and I’d love to be by your side when you needed someone to hear you. Please Niall, don’t feel bad, the other boys aren’t better than you. I love you. We all do. You’re special. You’re only. You’re such a gentleman, always so sweet, and cute. You’re the kind of boy the world needs. You’re the kind of man I’d love to have as father of my children. You’re so romantic, and sweet, and you care about our feelings. You’re the kind of boy that makes a girl feel special. You can make us smile with just one word, and your songs says everything we feel. So, you have to believe, Nialler, that you’re special, and only. You’re loved, for millions of girls, who believe you’re incredible! You’re the boy we wanna find in the kitchen in the middle of the night, having a snack. You’re the boy we wanna hear singing to us before we fall sleep. You’re the boy we wanna lay down with, watching the stars, close to each other. Prince, I’d give all I have to be in your arms, and call you “mine”. I know it won’t happen, but I still want you to know you’re perfect, in every single way. Keep smiling, keep singing, keep believing, ‘cause you’ve got all to be the most perfect boy in the whole world. You deserve to be where you are, ‘cause you’re talented, and handsome, and sweet. I’d give everything I have to see you smile, and I’m sure you’d do the same for your fans to. You’d never let us down, and we won’t never let you down too. Whenever you need us, we’ll be here, for you, trying to make you smile. You can always count on us, ‘cause we’ll be here, no matter what. By the way, I’d take coking classes for you, hahahaha :)

Niall, you’re my prince, and I love you with all the words, babe. My favorite irish ever! The one who makes my world special. 

You’ve got that one thing, and so much more. Keep smiling, you’re perfect.

For you, I’d go to the moon, I’d bring you a star, I’d turn of the sun, I’d try to fly.

                                                                                                                                                         - n-nialler|tumblr

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Interviewer: So who’s single?

Harry and Niall: *raise their hands*

Girls who’s favorite is Zayn;

Girls who’s favorite is Harry;


Girls who’s favorite is Niall;


this is so freaking accurate

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Baby Lux traveled the whole world with some of the most attractive men in the universe & she’s not even 1 yet and i’m here behind a computer running a blog

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